Week 6 (Due July 2nd)

In Class Assignment:

Create a mind map to either demonstrate your understanding of UDL or to meet the requirement for graphic representation (or PPT) of our unit plan for the last class. Please use a ‘new to you’ resource.

Links from class:

https://bubbl.us/ – brainstorming made simple

https://www.draw.io/ – online diagramming

http://www.exploratree.org.uk/ –  create your own thinking guides

http://www.mywebspiration.com/ –  free online version of the popular software Inspiration/Kidspiration

https://conceptboard.com/ – my favorite, when it was free:)

http://todaysmeet.com/ – private backchannel service


Check out the example of the lesson planning tool on TED-Ed @ http://ed.ted.com/on/TV4tnUj3 This is a resource and format that could help you start to Flip your classroom. Please create your own account, complete the TED-Ed and find the blog assignment.

Read Podcasting article “Enhanced Podcasts” and explore and listen to at least one of the podcasts on the EdReach or BAM! Radio sites

Provide a short summary (on your personal course blog) of  the podcast you listen to and address this question – “Are podcasts something you would consider for professional learning in the future?”

Embed your groups Digital Storytelling video on your Google Site.

*Bring Headsets or Laptops for Podcast/Flipped Lesson Worksession.

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